Aimy In A Cage

Jackie Moss In April I had the sublime experience of playing one nasty mama — Jackie Moss — in Hooroo Jackson’s new film, “Aimy In A Cage.” This fairytale thriller stars Crispin Glover, Paz De La Huerta, Academy Award nominee Terry Moore and the wonderful Disney star Allisyn Ashley Arm in the title role. Decked out in faux white fur, white sequin mod dress and sporting the de rigueur dog accessory — the Alaskan Husky — I had a fine time with talented cast and crew. the-dog-and-me Helmed by Hooroo and his partner, the sweet and patient Leann Leake, the seriously creative design team built the most inventive set I’ve ever seen. Chloe Barcelou acted as set designer, costume designer, dresser, builder, and backstage dresser.  Think Tim Burton meets Wes Anderson.rsz_img_1678


Crispin Glover as Claude

I enjoyed scenes with all of these wonderful actors, but I was thrilled by my experience on set with Terry, whose previous friends, lovers and husbands include Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Howard Hughes.  Acting with Hollywood history (who also happens to be a consummate pro) was a real privilege!   I also became wonderful friends with actress-comedian Gabby Tary who comes by way of Santa Monica — by way of Hungary — “running from Stalin.” Love this pull-no-punches lady.  Her dreds here are fake, but don’t think for a moment the real ones aren’t underneath.


Terry Moore and Me


With Gabby Tary as Grandma Moss

I loved meeting Charlie Tacker – who plays Kenneth Moss, my much maligned and maligning son.  Such a cutie pie – we all enjoyed being around him. And watch out for the lovely and wicked Sarah Murphy, as my daughter Kelly Moss.


Charlie Tacker is Kenneth Moss!


Mama and Daughter Moss

“Aimy In a Cage” is the first feature to be fully funded by bitcoin.  Bravo to Hooroo!   Check out this interesting article from the Wall Street Journal online:

AND COME SEE US!10341608_835602309802882_2843792128340987444_n

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