Roseanne and Me


Recently, I was cast in a new series called “Momsters – When Moms Go Bad” which is being executive produced and hosted by Roseanne Barr for the Investigation Discovery channel.  You remember her badass self: Roseanne BarrI play real life gambling addict, bank robber and Oregon PTA mom Gwen Sherbondy, who got into a bit of trouble for applying bakesale proceeds to her personal deficit spending (a/k/a poker habit).  So she robbed a bank.  Or three.  You’ll have to tune in to see me in various unattractive mom capri bank-robbing outfits, but here is a lovely preview.  The ladies who played my daughters, Katie (the younger one) and Jacqueline (the PERFECT ONE) were really sweet and I enjoyed spending time with them.  We shot everything in two long days on location in New Jersey and Queens.  Those guys at ID really know how to move through set-ups!

When Mom Jeans Go Bad

When Mom Jeans Go Bad

My story ends at the savings and loan where I adopt a clever disguise.  I mean, I am COMPLETELY unrecognizable.  Want to rob a bank?  Don a cap!  The show will air some time after the fall.  Apparently, Roseanne will be doing standup in between segments of the story.  I can’t wait to hear what she has to say about me…er, my character.  By the way,  it appears I have found my casting niche — coocoobananas mothers who force perfectionism onto their teenage daughters.  Take it from me, this can only end badly, mamas!  AS BAD AS THOSE MOM JEANS…

Bank Robber

Give Me All Your Bake Sale Money

Mom and Jacqueline

Bad to the Bone Structure

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